$1.3 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Turkey Leg Hut By US Foods For Grocery Bill


Houston eatery, Turkey Leg Hut, is seemingly being sued by US Foods for more than $1 million.

Because of numerous viral posts on TikTok, the restaurant has grown tremendously over the years. It sits on Almeda Road and has continuous lines of those waiting to consume their food.

On Dec. 2, 2022, US Foods filed a lawsuit against Turkey Leg Hut. It noted an unpaid balance of $85,106.17 to US Foods for items sold to the restaurant. Turkey Leg Hut also agreed to pay interest totaling 1.5% per month on delinquent payments until the bill is paid. They would also have to pay lawyer’s fees which brings the total amount of the lawsuit to $1,288,583.12.

In September 2020, US Foods began supplying Turkey Leg Hut with goods and services.

The lawsuit noted that on September 15, 2022, US Foods demanded payment in full for all amounts due via a letter. However, the restaurant never responded or objected to the demand letter or made any payments.

“If you’re going to tell the story, tell the whole story. Understand this comes from a PR lady that’s hurt and also ex-employees that are really hurt because of not being a part of the brand. Understand, check the track record, and we have paid taxes etc on time, 100k a month, and payroll 85k a week, and never missed a beat,” stated Lynn Price, a co-owner of Turkey Leg Hut, on Instagram.

“@us_foods owed us money for advertising etc on trucks IG and all…it’s always 3 sides to a story. And their side ain’t the truth..why would a company let a bill get that high, cause they did not at all.”

US Foods hasn’t commented on the legal matter.



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