1-Year-Old Dies In Hot Vehicle As Mother Worked Inside Of Walgreens Store


A 1-year-old girl was left in a hot car and has died. The child had been left in the vehicle at a Walgreens store in Danielsville, Georgia.

On Thursday afternoon, officers responded to a call regarding an unresponsive child.

While investigating, police learned that the child’s mother was employed at the Walgreens store.

Police say that the child had been in the car for three to four hours before the mother found her. The temperature had been more than 100 degrees.

The child received emergency assistance before being taken to a medical facility in Athens. There, the child was declared deceased.

The mother told police that she usually takes her two kids to different daycares before she heads to work. However, on Thursday, the 30-year-old mother unintentionally left one of the children inside of the vehicle.

An investigation into the matter is continuing. The sheriff’s office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation will determine if charges will be filed.


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