10 Police Officers Reassigned For Deceit And False Police Reports


Ten police officers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, have been reassigned to non-enforcement roles and aren’t allowed to provide testimony in court. This comes after they were accused of “misrepresenting the truth or filed a false report.”

The move follows the U.S. Attorney’s Office requesting “a list of officers who had sustained allegations of untruthfulness or misrepresentation.” This was done to name officers that wouldn’t be permitted to testify in court, a release noted.

Police Chief Celeste Murphy gave the agency and federal prosecutors the names.

Murphy said that investigations into accusations of untruthfulness and misrepresentation were in connection to internal policy violations. The officers weren’t involved in misrepresentation in court, authorities say.

Murphy’s actions have been opposed by the Fraternal Order of Police. They say that the decision “constitutes further discipline for internal matters which occurred more than 10 years ago.” They added that Murphy used the Attorney’s Office as a “scapegoat” for not effectively disciplining the 10 officers.

The FOP says that Murphy has punished the officers again after they had already been given consequences by a previous administration.

Although now accusations of untruthfulness require termination right away, previous guidelines did not.

The Chattanooga Police Department stated that they have “eliminated that distinction” between untruthfulness and misrepresentation.

From now on, all sustained allegations linked to untruthfulness will result in “immediate termination,” the department said.


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