11-Year-Old Boy Overdoses On THC Gummies At Super Bowl Party


An 11-year-old boy from Staten Island, New York, was placed in the hospital after eating THC gummies that he thought was candy at a Super Bowl party.

Veronica Gill saw that her son, Ryan, was acting weird after arriving back to his residence after being at their friend’s home.

“My son was sitting on the couch with me, and he started zoning out. At first, I thought he was pretending because he opened his eyes wide and laughed. Then, he would zone out for a minute again, then open his eyes wide and laugh,” she stated.

Gill became worried when his laughing turned into cries for assistance as his body started shaking.

Thinking he was having a seizure, the mother of three took Ryan to an urgent care center. Because his heart was racing, he was transported to a hospital’s ER.

After a series of tests were performed, it was shown that he had consumed a great amount of THC in the last couple of hours.

Gill said that she was shocked to find out that her son had gotten weed-infused gummies from a candy drawer at the friend’s home.

“When my friend went back to check the drawer after we told her what happened, she realized that the candy had THC in it. She called us hysterically crying,” the mother noted.

Gill says that she isn’t mad at her friend as the packaging for edibles looks similar to candy brands and have small THC labels that buyers may overlook. Thus, she is warning parents.

Ryan was hospitalized overnight, getting rest and drinking fluids until the symptoms went away.

“Thank God he’s okay,” his mother stated.


  1. My Lord! That’s Crazy! Gotta pay close attention to whT you are buying and whats pit out in stores for kids. It’s a shame cant trust candy for kids to be simply candy


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