113-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tracks Uncovered After Excessive Drought Near Dallas


Last week, new dinosaur tracks were found at a Texas state park after a huge drought.

The tracks were found at Dinosaur Valley State Park, in Glen Rose, which is located southwest of Dallas. They are said to be dated back to 113 million years ago.

Most of the tracks were found along various parts of the river in the park. The tracks were said to have belonged to Acrocanthosaurus, stated Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

“This is a dinosaur that would stand, as an adult, about 15 feet tall and weight close to seven tons. Sauroposeidon, the other species that left tracks behind, were said to be about 60 feet tall and weigh about 44 tons as an adult.”

The tracks had been uncovered after the Paluxy River, which flows through the park, had dried up in many areas. Normally, those areas would have been underwater and filled with sediment.

Although many were celebrating the discovery, it was short-lived as more rain has flooded the location, and the trails have been shut down.

On the other hand, it was reported that the tracks being beneath the layers of sediment assists in protecting them from natural weathering and erosion.


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