13 & 14-Year-Old Boys Charged With Murder After Carjacking And Killing Michigan Student


A 13-year-old and a 14-year-old boy have been charged with homicide and carjacking in the fatal shooting of a Battle Creek High School student in Michigan.

Police say that on Feb. 17, the two boys attempted to carjack Jack Synder, 17. They then shot him twice. This occured close to Battle Creek Avenue and Capital Avenue SW.

Authorities say that Jack, a senior, was leaving his girlfriend’s birthday party that evening when he provided a ride for two boys who were standing out in the cold.

He didn’t know who they were, and they entered his vehicle, police say.

That’s when the boys attempted to carjack him and shot and killed him while doing so.

Because of surveillance footage and people providing tips, the underage suspects were located. Police also believe that they found the gun used in the incident.

Both boys are in custody and being held without bond at youth centers while they await court hearings.


  1. This is so sad. Kids with no guidance not understanding the world. Not knowing how their actions can cause these types of reactions. If u don’t teach ur kids or guide them correctly this is wat happens. They are too young to witness these things. This explains the screaming i heard last night. And I hate to say it so im not…but i will say this…the justice system is corrupt. Things that go on inside these facilities are unheard of but are played on movies. Sometimes some type of fear has to be put in perspective. There is a movie, it’s old now…but these young boys jack a hot dog stand and couldn’t control it and ended up hurting a man causing him to be hospitalized. They we sentenced and placed in a youth center/ juvenile facility where they were raped and beaten. Other teens in that same facility went thru that same injustice but once they made it, it took the pressure off of them. Im just saying…NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE SHOULD GO THRU THAT TYPE OF ABUSE. ITS BAD ENOUGH THESE KIDS HAVE TO BE AWAY FROM FAMILY IF THEY FAMILY GAVE ANY CARE… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE AWARE. SOME SITUATIONS BE A CRY FOR HELP.


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