13-Year-Old Boy Shatters Spine After Jumping into Frisco Pool


A 13-year-old boy was critically injured last Thursday when he dove into the shallow end of a community pool in Frisco.

Semyon Williams Jr., 13, was at Old Orchard Park with a group of friends when he spotted a wasp near the neighborhood pool. In an attempt to escape, he jumped into the shallow end, hitting his head on impact. He immediately lost feelings in his arms and had no motor skills below his head.

Initially, everyone thought Semyon was just playing around when he was floating in the water facedown. However, they quickly realized that he wasn’t moving and it was no joke.

The young teen was conscious but could only speak. He fractured two vertebrae and parts of the spinal canal which contain the spinal cord.

He was diagnosed as a quadriplegic and underwent surgery the same day to stabilize his condition.

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