134 People Arrested In DFW Commercial Sex Sting


On September 20 more than 130 people were arrested in the DFW area during a Homeland Security sting that involved paying for sex and human trafficking.

The five day operation ran from September 11-15 and it involved multiple agencies including federal, state and local law officials.

According to Homeland Security Investigations there were 134 people arrested and of those were two suspected human traffickers. There was also a prominent Dallas city employee, a nurse at a major medical facility in Dallas and four non citizens.

None of the suspects names have been released at this time.

HSI Dallas Special Agent in Charge Lester R. Hayes Jr. said in a statement, “Sex trafficking, and human trafficking as a whole, is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the U.S. Human trafficking organizations often target minors and other marginalized populations because of their vulnerabilities. Potential customers who seek commercial sex are often as culpable as those who levy violence to keep their victims entrapped.”

In Texas if you are caught paying for sex it is considered a felony.


  1. Until I see people like Hunter Biden behind bars, this makes no sense and a mute point. Its like arresting drug addicts and felons with weapons who are black, why? Hunters out and about he has felony’s and is free, why are black men in prison? Why is he not? So horny people went out looking for sex with a consulting adult? How is that illegal? Hunter us on camera with prostitutes, he is helping the trafficking is he not? Why us he free, and why does this not affect him. You can’t arrest some and let others go free. This is lopsided.

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