14-Year-Old Boy Held Down, Fatally Stabbed At Mall While Attempting To Protect His Girlfriend


14-year-old Bobby Maher was held down and fatally stabbed by two ski-mask- wearing attackers as he attempted to protect his girlfriend at a mall in Wyoming.

Two 15 year olds, Dominique Harris and Jarreth Plunkett, are accused of murdering Maher as the deadly attack occurred at Eastridge Mall in the city of Casper, in April.

Harris has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit first-degree murder in relation to the occurrence. He is being charged as an adult and is said to have confessed to authorities that he held Maher down to help Plunkett in the supposed attack.

The teen disclosed to detectives that he was unaware that Plunkett was going to kill Maher. He added that he was only restraining the teen to make sure the fight was over.

But, surveillance recordings from the April 7 incident depicts him slamming Maher onto the ground and then holding him down as Plunkett put a knife through the teen twice.

Authorities say that Maher went to the mall to help his girlfriend, Haley Bressler, after she had called him and stated that Plunkett and Harris were stalking her and a friend.

Footage from the mall depicted Maher attempting to escort his girlfriend and her friend out of the mall. However, Plunkett and Harris stopped them prior to them exiting.

Pluckett and Harris approached Maher because they were mad at the victim over an occurrence earlier this year at a park.

Harris disclosed to authorities that Maher asked the two teens if they were “freaks” because he observed them leave a portable bathroom at the park together.

First responders were summoned to the location of the stabbing, and Maher was transported to a medical facility where he was declared deceased. An autopsy revealed that he suffered two knife injuries, including one that went through his heart.

A bystander stated that they had seen the two defendants pointing and laughing at the injured and dying Maher prior to leaving the mall’s parking lot. They were captured minutes later by a Natrona County Sheriff’s deputy.

Bressler was able to record the attack on her phone. The footage was revealed during the first hearing for the defendants on Thursday.

Harris is also facing a charge of aggravated robbery, assault, and misdemeanor theft. This is for supposedly stealing a pair of knives, including the one that was used in the killing, from a Target.

Harris’s lawyer noted that his client reserved the right to modify his pleas to mental illness or mental deficiency although he had already pleaded not guilty.

Harris had told the district judge that he had never been diagnosed with any type of learning disability.

Plunkett has pleaded not guilty by reason of mental illness or deficiency, as well. He has been made to undergo an medical examination to figure out his ability to stand trial.

“The Maher family will fight to get justice for Bobby from every party responsible for his killing,” stated the family’s lawyer, following the defendants’ preliminary hearing.

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