14-Year-Old Kills His Own Mother, Shoots Her Boyfriend


Authorities in Hillsborough County, Florida, say that they have arrested a 14-year-old boy after he fatally shot his mother.

On Saturday, close to 4 p.m., authorities arrived to a subdivision in Riverview.

They then located a 14-year-old boy who kept pointing a gun at his own head. Following 16 minutes of negotiation, deputies let off a non-lethal round and apprehended the teen.

They then found a woman’s body in the driveway.

A few minutes after that, deputies began to talk to another relative. The teen suspect’s brother disclosed that he overheard his mother and her boyfriend having a dispute and then multiple gunshots.

When the brother had come out of his bedroom, he witnessed his brother fatally shoot his own mother.

Officials believe that the teen shot his mother’s boyfriend, shot and killed his mother after a dispute, then chased the mother’s boyfriend through the neighborhood in order to kill him.

The mother’s boyfriend was shot five times and is in critical condition.

Authorities say that the 14-year-old suspect doesn’t have a criminal history.

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