14-Year-Old Selling Water Strikes Officer, Fracturing Eye Socket


On Saturday afternoon, a teenager selling water struck a police officer in the face. This came as the officer instructed the boy to get away from the highway in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 14-year-old hit the officer in his right eye, causing his eye socket to be fractured. The officer was then taken to a medical facility where doctors worried about nerve damage.

When the officer had first confronted the teen, the boy fled but didn’t get very far.

The officer then tried to speak to the teen again.

The 14-year-old grabbed a bottle of water, throwing the liquid at the officer, then punched him.

“The violence on the part of some of the boys continues,” stated Michael Bond, an Atlanta City Councilman.

He added that officers are stuck between an unclear City Hall guideline. The teens selling water believe that they are “sanctioned to continue their activities.”

The teen involved in the incident has been charged with aggravated assault.


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