14 Year Old Shoots Sister And Kills Her Boyfriend During An Altercation At A House Party


A 14 year old boy shot his sister and killed her boyfriend after getting into an altercation late Saturday night at a house party in Katy,Tx.
Officers responded to a shooting call on the 2400 block of Pepperrell Place Street and when they arrived they found a 18 year old suffering from a gunshot wound and a deceased 20 year old male.
According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez he says when he arrived there were about 10 to 12 individuals at the home and that the 14 year old had an altercation with his 18 year old sisters 20 year old boyfriend and had grabbed a shotgun and opened fire striking his sister and killing her boyfriend.
The sister was transported to a nearby hospital where she underwent surgery and is now in stable condition.
The parents of the 14 year old and his sister were out of town on vacation during the incident.
The 14 year old was detained at the scene but is not in custody.
This investigation is ongoing.


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