15 Year Old Charged With Mothers Murder


A 15 year old Dallas teen fatally shot his mother Friday and has been charged with murder.

Officers responded to a residence at 1202 McLean Avenue regarding an abandoned child, shorty after 4:30pm.

Upon arrival the great grandmother at the residence told officers that the child was dropped off by an unknown person.

The child was suppose to be with the grandparent when she was dropped off. The great grandmother then asked officers to perform a welfare check.

Officers checked on the residence located at 4743 Lynnacre Drive and found the grandmother deceased inside from a gunshot wound to the head.

Throughout the investigation, it was determined that the victims 15 year old son fatally shot his mother.

He then dropped the child over to the great grandmothers home and went to a friends house.

The suspect was later arrested and transported to Henry Wade Juvenile Detention Facility for murder.



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