17 Year Old Teen Charged With 11 Armed Carjackings


A 17 year old boy was arrested by Chicago PD Tuesday after he allegedly carjacked 11 vehicles at gunpoint and nine within the same day.

The incidents happened within a two week time span of August 18 through August 30 with his victims being between 21 and 66.

Aug. 18 – 6600 block of S. Albany Ave.; 35-year-old female victim

Aug. 20 – 6700 block of S. Washtenaw Ave.; 33-year-old female victim

Aug. 20 – 8000 block of S. Campbell Ave.; 33-year-old female victim

Aug. 20 – 3400 block of W. 72nd St.; 58-year-old male victim

Aug. 20 – 2900 block of S. Union Ave.; 21-year-old female victim

Aug. 20 – 6500 block of S. Kedzie Ave.; 50-year-old male victim

Aug. 20 – 5600 block of S. Albany Ave.; 26-year-old male victim

Aug. 20 – 5700 block of S. Richmond St.; 45-year-old female victim

Aug. 20 – 8400 block of S. Sangamon St.; 40-year-old female victim

Aug. 20 – 6600 block of S. Artesian Ave.; 66-year-old female victim

Aug. 30 – 8700 block of S. Vincennes Ave.; 49-year-old female victim

The 17 year old was arrested Tuesday on the 6500 block of Rockwell. He was charged with two felony counts of criminal damage and 11 counts of aggravated vehicular hijacking with a firearm.

Authorities also arrested a 16 year old teen that was involved in several of the other carjackings along with another one on the 8600 block of South Halsted.

He was charged with four felony counts of aggravated vehicular hijacking with a firearm, a misdemeanor count of theft, and one felony count of possessing a stolen vehicle.



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