Man Accidentally Books Flight To Sydney, Montana Instead of Sydney, Australia


One man experienced a traveling nightmare as he thought he was going to the beach in Australia but accidentally flew to snow.

Furthermore, it all began with a cheap flight.

The 62-year-old man discovered “bargain” flights for $1,000 which usually costs about $3,500 to fly to Sydney.

Kingsley Burnett got on the flight in New York, thinking he was headed to Australia.

On the other hand, he was surprised when the plane began to descend over the snow-covered ranges of Billings, Montana instead.

“At this point, I knew I was in trouble. I saw the little plane like nine passengers and wondered ‘how is that going to get me to Australia,'” Burnett reported.

The tiny Cape Air Jet was reserved to fly Mr. Burnett 1 hour and 25 minutes to Sydney. This is a small city with 6,000 residents.

To make it a little easier to comprehend, trips to Sydney, Australia, and Sydney, USA, both take about 20 hours by air from La Guardia Airport, New York.

Additionally, the airport codes look similar, S-D-Y instead of Australia’s S-Y-D.

“Somebody has to fix that,” Mr. Burnett noted.

Eventually, an American Airlines flight attendant assisted him with hotel accommodations and a return flight back to New York.

“This is the second time we’ve had a guest that was trying to get to Sydney, Australia,” said hotel manager Shelli Mann.

In the end, Burnett missed his trip to Sydney, Australia, but has rebooked for June 2023.



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