18-Year-Old Arrested After Boyfriend Is Killed As They Attempted To Rob Drug Dealer


An 18-year-old woman from Tennessee is facing charges after an attempted robbery that led to the death of her boyfriend.

Police say that last month, officers responded to a call in Memphis’ Westwood community. There, they found a man lying on the ground outside, unconscious.

The 21-year-old victim was transported to a medical facility where he was later declared deceased.

Bystanders told authorities that they observed a woman picking up items in the vicinity before police arrived. While investigating, they learned that the woman was the victim’s girlfriend, Kerryoni Brown.

Brown was found and questioned and confessed to police that the shooting occurred as a result of an unsuccessful attempt by her and her boyfriend to rob a drug dealer.

She stated that she allowed her boyfriend to use her Facebook profile to get the dealer in the area for a drug deal. They then planned to rob the dealer at gunpoint. She added that her boyfriend had two firearms in his possession.

Brown said that when her boyfriend took out his gun, someone inside of the dealer’s vehicle fired multiple shots at him. She told authorities that she retrieved the two guns after her boyfriend was shot and left the location before authorities arrived on scene.

Brown has been charged with reckless homicide, aggravated robbery, and tampering with/or fabricating evidence. She was given a $85,000 bond.


  1. So her boyfriend died and they tried to rob the dealer (who had backup inside to shoot)…. Um yea them two FAILED HORRIBLY! Smh


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