18-Year-Old Girl Arrested For the Murder of Former Corrections Officer


The 18-year-old girl wanted for her role in the 2021 murder of a former corrections officer was arrested after being on the run for nearly a month.

Albuquerque Police arrested Anna Bella Dukes on Monday. She was chargrd with an open count of murder and two counts of armed robbery. She was also charged with individual counts of kidnapping, tampering with evidence, and conspiracy.

According to an arrest warrant, Dukes was wanted for the fatal shooting of Elias Otero, 24. Otero was a former corrections officer at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque.

Dukes met Otero’s younger brother on Snapchat and lured him to a location where three men took him captive. The men drove to Otero’s house and showed him live footage of his brother with an automatic weapon being held to his head. The men then explained they would hurt his brother if he did not give them $1,000 ransom. Otero was able to grab a gun and ran outside. He was then shot to death in his front lawn.

Otero’s brother was able to escape to safety as the shooting unfolded.

Dukes’ co-defendant, Adrian Avila, 17, is alleged to have fired the fatal shots.

Avila turned himself in as soon as the warrant was issued for his arrest last month.


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