18-Year-Old Makes History As Newly Elected Mayor In Arkansas


On Tuesday evening, Jaylen Smith was elected as mayor of Earle, Arkansas. He is now the youngest Black mayor in the United States.

During a runoff election, 18-year-old Smith beat Nemi Matthew’s Sr. Election results revealed that Smith had received 218 votes while Matthews had gotten 139 votes.

On a Facebook post, Smith announced his victory, writing, “It’s Time To Build A Better Chapter of Earle, Arkansas.”

Matthews is the superintendent of Earle with over forty years of experience working in the small city in Arkansas. The town is comprised of less than 2,000 people and is located 30 miles northwest of Memphis.

Smith recently graduated from high school, and last month, he discussed what his priorities would be if he became mayor.

“First, I want to improve public safety here. Secondly, tear down abandoned houses…transportation for here in the community, bring a grocery store here,” he said.


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