19 Year Old Arrested After Trying To Sneak Contraband Into A South Carolina Prison


A teen was arrested earlier this week after trying to break into a South Carolina prison.
The incident happened at Tyger River Correctional Institute in Spartanburg County Wednesday when officials found Nathaniel Jose Perez,19 between the inner and outer area of the fence.

According to reports the South Carolina Department of Corrections found a large hole had been cut into the fence and pieces of Perez’s clothes were on the fence.
They then found him bleeding with cuts and scrapes on his body from the razor wires on the fence.
He was transported to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries before being released to Spartanburg County Detention Center.
Officers located four backpacks filled with contraband, including marijuana, cigarettes, cellphones, tobacco, mini-bottles of alcohol, and other items.

He has been charged with trespassing onto a correctional facility, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and attempting to furnish prisoners with contraband.


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