19-Year-Old Father Critically Injured His 2-Month-Old Son Because He Pulled on His Nose Ring


A 19-year-old father from Indiana was arrested on child abuse charges after authorities say he admitted to injuring his 2-month-old son because he pulled on his nose ring.

The baby, who was taken to the hospital on Monday with fractured ribs and legs, and a subdural hemorrhage, was also determined to have suffered previous injuries.

Through their investigation, detectives learned that the teen father, Aaron Evans, was short-tempered and often acted out of anger.

During an interview with police, the 19-year-old admitted to abusing the baby boy on multiple occasions stating that he had a migraine and just wanted peace and quiet one day. In another instance, Evans says he wanted to “inflict pain” on the 2-month-old after the baby pulled on his nose ring, causing him pain.

He was charged with one count of battery resulting in serious bodily injury and one count of neglect of a dependent resulting in serious injury.

The baby boy remains in critical condition.


  1. Really this breaks my heart 😭so sad a 2 month old baby really hurts my heart very very 🙏 💔😤sad somebody needs to put him in critical condition

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