19-Year-Old Kills His Mother & Father In Front Of Authorities, Shoots Deputy During Shoot-Out


On Saturday night, a 19-year-old killed his parents at their residence in Florida. He then shot an officer in a gun battle that was caught on a wounded deputy’s body cam prior to the teen being shot and killed.

51-year-old Christos Byron Themelis and 48-year-old Rebecca Ann Themelis were fatally shot by their son, Christos Alexander Themelis Jr. This occurred on the front lawn of their home, in front of officers, just after 11 p.m.

As the mother was in the front yard, her son shot her in the back of the head as officers had told her to walk with them. He then shot at responding deputies, as well.

Authorities had arrived to the scene after the shooter’s mother dialed 911 and disclosed to dispatch that her son had just shot her husband as more shots were being fired.

“Stop reaching for your waistband,” a deputy was heard saying prior to the shooting.

26-year-old deputy Shane McGough was caught in the crossfire and was hit in the leg. Life-saving measures were quickly administered, and he was transported to a medical facility.

Themelis was also shot during the crossfire between four other deputies. He was able to crawl back into the residence and enclose himself inside.

When the sheriff’s SWAT entered the home, they discovered Themelis and his father both deceased from gunshot injuries.

Themelis is believed to have died from the wounds he suffered in the shoot-out.

McGough has been listed in stable condition, and underwent surgery on Sunday to remove a bullet from his leg.

Themelis had a past history with law enforcement, and his weapons had been taken away because of that. It isn’t known how he was able to access any firearms.

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