19-Year-Old Tyler Man Arrested After Killing Woman In A “Fit Of Rage”


18-year-old Deja Shanece Hood, of Tyler, Texas, was discovered deceased behind the Hollytree apartments on Tuesday.

Now, documents show that a Tyler man has been charged with murder for killing her. This was done in a “fit of rage” as he was thinking about another woman.

Authorities had first been alerted by Hood’s mother who stated that she hadn’t heard from her daughter. That had been since she went out with a friend on Monday. She named 19 year old old Jamaurea Britton as the person her daughter had been with.

When authorities spoke with Britton, he said that he had picked up Hood and a 1-year-old child that she was taking care of from an apartment. He said that Hood was assisting him with packing up his belongings as he was in the process of moving.

Britton then told detectives that while at his residence, Hood stepped outside to speak with someone in a black Chevrolet. She then came back and took the child and told Britton she was leaving, he said.

He then told authorities that Hood called him later after he had gone back to work. She had asked him to pick her up again. Britton claimed that when he got back to his apartment on Hollytree Drive, he discovered the child underneath the stairwell. However, Hood was nowhere to be found. He added that he took the child back to Hood’s apartment.

Later, when Britton talked to investigators, he confessed to going into a “fit of rage” and attacked Hood with an object before choking her. He is said to have told authorities that Hood had playfully pulled his ear the way his former girlfriend used to do which angered him.

Britton then said that he thought that Hood was dead, but after coming back from dropping off the child at Hood’s mother’s apartment, he saw that Hood was still alive. That’s when he stabbed her with a kitchen knife, put her body in trash bags, wrapped with a large bed sheet and tape. Britton said that after that, he threw her remains over a fence and covered it with leaves to hide it.

A Tyler police officer eventually located Hood’s body behind a safety fence.

Britton is now in the Smith County Jail on a $1 million bond for murder.


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