2 Middle School Boys Arrested After Plotting A Mass School Shooting


Two Florida middle school students were arrested after planning a mass shooting at a school and trying to recruit others to help.
According to reports Connor Pruett,13 and Phillip Byrd,14 attended Harns Marsh Middle School.
Apparently the two students came up with a plan on how to carry out a shooting and did research on how to build weapons like bombs.
It was said that the boys attempted to recruit others “during classes, in the cafeteria, and through Zoom virtual meetings.”
They told their classmates that their inspiration was the Columbine massacre in 1999.
It was also said that they planned on shooting themselves when they were finished.
Throughout the course of the investigation officers obtained a search warrant and found several knives and guns at the suspects’ homes.
Both boys were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit a mass shooting.



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