2 Year Old Fatally Shoots Mom On Zoom Call After Finding Gun; Father Charged With Manslaughter


A Florida man was arrested and charged in connection with the murder of his child’s mother.
Vondre Avery,22 is facing manslaughter charges and failure to securely store a firearm.
In August Avery’s 2 year old son found a handgun and fatally shot his mother, Shamaya Lynn,21, while she was on a Zoom call with co workers.
Avery walked into the home to find Lynn on the ground unresponsive. He called 911.
A co worker on the zoom call also called 911 when they heard the noise.
When officers arrived they found Lynn deceased from a single gunshot wound.
According to reports the 2 year old found the gun inside a Paw Patrol backpack when he accidentally shot his mother.



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