NY Man Accused Of Burning His Daughter To Death In Car

A NY man is hospitalized with over 70 percent of his body burned and being charged with his daughter’s death, after she was found burnt to death in his car.
According to reports Martin Pereira,39 remains hospitalized and in critical condition after he left his daughter Zoey Pereira,3 to burn to death in his Audi.
Martin and Cherone Coleman,36 were going through a bitter custody battle and Coleman told authorities she always thought he would hurt her not her child.
Pereira came to pick Zoey up Sunday and Coleman says she received a call from Pereira stating that she would never see her daughter again before hanging up.
A few hours later police responded to a call not too far from her home of a burning car on Boulevard and 155th Street and when they arrived they noticed a car in flames.
A nearby witness told police they saw a man jump out of the car running engulfed in flames.
When firefighters made it to the car they noticed the doors had been chained shut from inside but the door handles had melted off due to the intensity of the heat.
Once inside the vehicle they noticed Zoey inside burning with two gas cans and a propane tank.
She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.
Pereira was spotted by police and taken to a nearby hospital suffering from second and third degree burns.
Police say he is heavily sedated and can not talk at the time but is in their custody at the hospital.

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