Special Needs Girl Severely Bitten By Another Student On Her School Bus

A 10 year old girl with special needs was brutally bitten by another special needs student on her bus Monday afternoon in Wisconsin.
According to reports Lynn Waldron-Moehle says her daughter Lillian Waldron attends Langlade Elementary School and when she got off the bus Monday afternoon she was running and crying.
Moehle says her daughter can not speak so she tried consoling her to see what was wrong and after that didn’t work she gave her a bath to see if that would help and that’s when she noticed several bite marks and bruising on her arm.
The mother contacted the school and asked to review the school bus video. The parents and superintendent watched the video and said it was “gruesome and horrifying to watch”.
The school superintendent Michelle Langenfeld released a statement that said “several administrators and myself immediately reached out to the family and met with them to address their concerns and provide support to ensure the physical and emotional well being of our student”.
The school district is now investigating an the student that brutally bit Lilly is no longer attending Langlade Elementary.

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