Update: Mother Under Investigation After Whipping Her Child With A Belt At School

A mother is under investigation after she is seen whipping her son with a belt and making him apologize to his teacher for “threatening to kill him on video.
The mother was called to the school by her child’s teacher who told her “she needs to whoop his a* for threatening to kill her in school.
The mother was seen going into Homer Drive elementary cafeteria and grabbing her 7 year old son by his shirt collar and pulling him outside and whipping him with a belt.
She then is seen making him apologize to his teacher for disrespecting his teacher before telling him “if she has to come back up to the school it’s going to be me and u.”
Beaumont ISD principal released a statement on Facebook stating that “We do not condone this type of behavior from our parents, teachers and or scholars. This matter is under investigation.”
Beaumont PD and CPS are also investigating the whipping.
No criminal charges have been filed against the mother at this time.

Mother responds to social media on why she whoop her son at school in Beaumont Tx

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