Substitute Teacher Seen On Viral Video Punching And Stomping A Student Has Been Fired And Arrested

The substitute teacher seen on a video fighting and stomping on a student has been fired and charged.
Sources say the 10th grade student suffered acute post traumatic anxiety and a brain injury of some sort since the incident. She is scheduled to see a neurologist and trauma doctor soon.
Tiffani Lankford,32 was arrested on site after school resource officers responded to the classroom.
Lankford was charged with aggravated assault and terminated.
The incident showed a video posted to social media of a teacher punching a student multiple times, throwing her to the ground and then stomping her in the head.
A student in the classroom told school officials that the teacher was passing out papers in the class and had become aggravated because the students were laughing.
Then her and the victim got into a verbal altercation, which the teacher put down her classes got in the students face pressing her so the victim swung.
The teacher then swung three times threw her to the ground and stomped her head.
The Superintendent for Hays ISD said they ran a background check on Lankford and she passed and said they also ran her fingerprints through the FBI data base as well as Department of Public Safety and she was definitely eligible to be hired and met all legal requirements.
Lankford is currently out on bond.

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