New Doors Without Knobs Being Designed To Help Stop The Spread Of COVID-19

As we know, many companies have decided to reopen their offices, such as entrepreneurs, engineers, and architects.

But many workers are concerned about the lingerie after the effect of the Coronavirus, such as it being transmitted to them via a door. Office workers are concerned about hygiene and whether or not they can catch the virus simply from opening a door or pushing a button.

Touching a doorknob is essential every day to day task that we do without even realizing.

But like all crises there is always a solution, Salah and his two friends, brothers, twenty-six-year-old Abed Shawar and twenty-eight-year-old Ammar Shawar created the CleanKey.

It is essentially key-shaped that allows you to push buttons on elevators, as well as keypads or touch screens. Not to mention being able to open a door up to 70 pounds.

It is stated that it only took three days to create, manufacture, refine and publish online by engineers at Materialise, Europe’s largest 3D-printing factory.

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