Oklahoma Nail Salon Recloses After Nail Tech Contracts Coronavirus After Reopening

For the first time in weeks a nail salon opened its door on May 5 and just a week after opening the parlor had to close down again when one of the employees contracted the Coronavirus.
The Bartlesville shop stated on March 13 on Facebook that, “We have received a positive COVID-19 test from a staff member who was in the salon on May 5-7. If you were in the salon on these days you could have been potentially been exposed.”
It is not known how the employee came into contact with the Coronavirus.
The nail salon plans to reopen on May 26, after posting on Facebook that “Washington County Health Department recommends that any customer that was in the salon during this time self-isolate for 14 days and if symptoms arise to contact Washington County Health Dept for further information and instruction.”
April 27, is when some states started reopening with Gov. Kevin Stitt a republican. Oklahoma, one of the first states to reopen its economy after the pandemic hit
Oklahoma reopening guidelines have stated that there will be an increase in hand washing at places with ‘personal contact establishments, noting that remaining six feet apart as in other businesses is not possible.
Although it does not require the employees or customers to wear masks, only the customers should ask the employees to wear them, “if the customer requests”.
Two hundred and eighty-four people have died due to the Coronavirus in Oklahoma according to the state government.
As of May 14, six new deaths had been reported.

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