Kentucky Man Travels On Greyhound With Girlfriends Dismembered Body In Duffle Bags

A Kentucky man has been arrested after he killed his girlfriend, dismembered her body parts, stuffed them in a duffle bag and traveled five hours by bus to his parents house.
According to reports Melvin Martin,30 travelers to Markham, Illinois with three duffle bags full of dismembered body parts.
After a few days at his parents house they started complaining about a foul odor coming out of the luggage.
When Martin went to the library Tuesday his mother made the gruesome discovery.
She immediately contacted police and he was arrested at a Markham library.
Police only found half the woman’s body in the duffel bags and Martin told officers where they could find the rest of her.
Authorities found her torso at a Kentucky park Wednesday.
The Jefferson county medical examiner later identified the victim as Ladawndra Ellington,31 of Louisville.
Detectives believe she was killed in a domestic dispute.
Martin was charged with fugitive fleeing prosecution.

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