Two Men Arrested And Charged After Allegedly Purchasing Sex From A 13 Year Old Trafficking Victim

Two men have been arrested and charged with sex trafficking after they allegedly purchased sex from a 13 year old trafficking victim.
Kention Obryan Johnson,35 and Sergio Trinidad Carvajal,30, were indicted by a grand jury on September 2 for conspiracy to commit sex trafficking and sex trafficking of children.
According to reports the complaint against the two was filed back in 2019 along with their coconspirator Curtis Vance Mathis,34.
Allegedly the men advertised the Jane Doe on, an illegal sexual services website that was shut down by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas.
The underage victim was found in a West Irving motel wearing an oversized hoodie on November 5.
According to search warrant affidavits investigators reviewed hotel surveillance footage, observed several men including Johnson, Mathis and Carvajal leaving and entering the room.
They also found DNA from a discarded condom from the hotel room that matched Johnson and Carvajal.
If convicted Johnson, Carvajal and Mathis face life in prison.

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