21-Year-Old Woman Fatally Shot By Police After Holding Walmart Employee Hostage


Corlunda McGinister, 21, of West Helena, Arkansas, was fatally shot on Wednesday evening during a hostage situation at a Walmart in Richland, Mississippi.

The incident happened at about 5:45 p.m. and is being investigated by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

Bystanders say that McGinister got into a disagreement with a worker in the customer service department and started to hold her hostage at gunpoint. McGinister said that she needed assistance and wanted to speak with a news anchor.

Officers from the Richland force arrived to the location and attempted to defuse the situation. However, they were unsuccessful, and McGinister was fatally shot.

“It’s devastating for all parties involved. The officers, everybody that was involved in this situation. With the Christmas season coming around, mental health is a big deal because of the stress involved,” one official noted.

No one else was hurt in the occurrence, and the store has been closed for now.



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