16 Year Old Ohio Teen Attacks Dad With Sword After He Ask Him To Clean His Room


Ohio police arrested a 16 year old boy after he allegedly tried to attack his father with a sword.

According to reports the father asked his son to clean his room, which he had been trying to do for awhile.

The teen became angry and an argument broke out. During that time the teen pulled out a katana, held it overhead and pointed it at his dad.

A struggle ensued between the two, the father grabbed the sword by the blade in an attempt to get it away from his son, causing deep lacerations to his hands.

The mother heard the commotion and came to intervene.
While doing so she grabbed the sword away from her son and was cut.

She then placed the sword in the shed away from her son.

When officers arrived to the home they found a trail of blood from the boys room to the front door.

The first deputy to arrive said as he was pulling up the teen was trying to leave.
They officer ordered the driver to get out of the truck and he did.

The teen then climbed out the truck and was handcuffed and taken into custody.

He was charged with felonious assault and domestic violence.


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