25 Arrested In Fake Nursing Diploma Scheme


An operation managed by nursing schools in Florida sold diplomas. Now, over 7,600 people in the US could possibly be using fake nursing creditials.

Workers and owners of three accredited institutions, Palm Beach School of Nursing, Siena College, and Sacred Heart International Institute, are said to have sold 7,600 diplomas and transcripts. This went to people looking for licenses and employment as registered nurses and practical or vocational nurses, the Justice Department noted.

Fake credentials wouldn’t get a purchaser a nursing license. However, it would allow them to take the national board exam. They would only be able to be qualified as a nurse if they passed the exam.

The fake diplomas and transcripts, were priced at about $15,000 each. Those would have assisted candidates in avoiding “hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of clinical training,” one official noted.

It has been documented that some of the individuals did pass the exam. They then became licensed in multiple states and became employed as licensed nurses.

Twenty-five defendants, including school directors and diploma recipients, have been charged in the operation. They could receive up to 20 years in prison if they are found guilty.

Prosecutors say that the operation placed patient safety at risk. They added that mandatory training requirements are put into place to “protect the public from harm by setting minimum qualifications and competencies.”



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