3 Men Apprehended For Quadruple Murder


Three men have been charged in the killing  of four people in Cherokee County, Texas.

Jesse Pawlowski, 20, Billy Phillips, 37, and Dylan Welch, 21, are being charged with capital murder. Their bonds are $1 million each.

John Clinton, 18, Jeff Gerla, 47, Ami Hickey, 39, and Amanda Bain, 39, were found shot at a home in the front and back of the location.

Authorities suspect that robbery was the motive. The offenders met with Clinton prior to shooting him and entering the residence.

Hickey and Clinton were mother and son. Gerla and Clinton were in a romantic relationship. Additionally, Hickey and Bain were a couple. Even though some couples were same-sex, police don’t believe that this was a hate crime.

Officers received information on the suspects whereabouts and apprehended them at two different locations.

After interviews, a search warrant was issued and many items of evidence were discovered.

All three men are believed to be drug users.



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