3 Migrants Arrested Wearing Ghillie Suits As They Tried To Blend In With Desert


Three illegal immigrants attempted to blend into the New Mexico desert by wearing “extreme” camouflaged clothing. Border patrol agents stated on Thursday that they had found them.

Images posted on the agency’s social media pages depict the three with so-called ghillie suits which are normally used by hunters so they aren’t detected outdoors.

In this instance, the disguises were made to look similar to dry bush in the desert, close to Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Even though the trio was wearing the outfits, patrol agents on horseback were able to spot them.

The.S.’ amnesty guidelines may leading to more extreme methods used by immigrants to avoid being captured at the border. Certain immigrants, from places like Venezuela and Colombia, normally qualify to start the process of being granted asylum once they reach the U.S.

It has been reported that 199,976 migrant encounters occurred in July. To add, there have been 1.946 million so far, this fiscal year.


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