$3 Million Settlement Reached After Authorities Violently Arrested Woman With Dementia


In 2020, Karen Garner was forcefully apprehended by Loveland, Colorado police. Now, her relatives have been awarded a $3 million settlement.

This comes after the family located a letter written by Karen subsequent to her diagnosis of dementia. They have stated that the letter assisted them in agreeing to the money and to utilize the funds to help care for Karen.

“I want the best and fullest life possible for my children and my grandchildren. I feel that the world is getting crueler. Don’t make it any any rougher on yourselves by living in the past. Look out the front window. Don’t dwell on what’s in the rearview mirror,” part of the letter noted.

Garner’s health is currently failing. She doesn’t talk often and doesn’t talk about what occurred in June of 2020. This was when she allegedly attempted to steal $13.88 worth of items from a Wal-Mart.

Her relatives now want modifications in LPD leadership.


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