3 People In Custody After Off-Duty Cop Is Shot And Paralyzed During Altercation


On Saturday, an off-duty police officer, in Chicago, was shot during an incident on the city’s Far South Side. Now, three people have been taken into custody.

Danny Golden, 31, was hit with a bullet in his back, resulting in him being paralyzed from the waist down. The officer is recovering at Christ Hospital.

Early Saturday morning, in Beverly, an altercation occurred between two groups.

After things moved outside, Golden attempted to put a stop to the altercation. When Golden stated that he was a Chicago police officer, shots were fired.

Golden’s fiance says that she can’t believe he is alive, especially after doctors disclosed that the bullet was stuck between his lungs and heart. It came nearly 1 millimeter to his valve.

Golden is a U.S. Army veteran and hails from a family of officers. He is in a third generation of police officers who have joined the Chicago police force.

After the shooting, many are demanding that more officers patrol the area.


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