330K Pounds Of Baby Formula Will Arrive In Dallas This Week


Later this week, another international shipment of baby formula will arrive, and it will come to Dallas.

The Biden Administration stated that 330,000 pounds of Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula will be coming to the U.S., deriving from Australia. This is a component of the program Operation Fly Formula.

The first flight came on September 7. The new shipment will come on Friday, to Dallas. After that, the formula will go to various stores across the nation.

The shipment will be able to provide formula for almost 5 million, 8-ounce bottles.

Since May, the United States has been getting imported formula from outside of the country as a national shortage continues.

The matter has gotten better in the last few months; however, many families are still having a hard time locating popular brands that still aren’t in stock.


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