Video: 4 shot , 1 deceased in East Dallas on 4600 Elysie Faye


Update: After further investigation, Dallas Police identified 27-year-old Jeremiah Moore as the suspect in this case.

On September 25, 2023, Moore was found and taken into custody in Donley County, Texas. Moore will be charged with Murder and three counts of Aggravated Assault.

He is currently being held in Donley County.

Update: Homicide in the 4800 block of Elsie Faye Heggins Street
On September 25, 2023, at about 2:00 p.m., Dallas Police responded to a shooting call in the 4800 block of Elsie Faye Heggins Street.

The preliminary investigation determined four people were shot.

Further investigation determined three people, two women and a man were shot inside an apartment, another man was shot outside a nearby business in the 4600 block of Elsie Faye.

One of the women, 19-year-old Savannah Rodriguez, died from her injuries.

The other female victim and two men were taken to a local hospital and are in stable condition.

4 shot , 1 deceased in East Dallas on 4600 Elysie Faye


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