4 Teens Charged With Murdering A Man That Disciplined Them Over Inappropriate Instagram Use


Four young South Carolina teens are in custody after they allegedly killed a man execution style that punished them.

The incident occurred on November 14, around 12:07 a.m., on the 1800 block of Paces River Avenue when officers responded to a shooting call.

When they arrived they found the victim, 38 year old Larry Ingram Jr., inside an apartment suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Emergency crews pronounced him dead at the scene.

During the preliminary investigation officers learned that the teens ages 14 and 15 shot the victim after he took away their computers for inappropriate Instagram use.

The four teens then fled the scene with the firearm before officers could arrive.

Later that day authorities arrested the teens, three of which are 14 and one is 15, and recovered the weapon in a wooded area.

They were taken to the the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice where they remain in custody. They are being charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

The relationship between the suspects and victim have not yet been released.



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