400 Students Sent Into Quarantine After The Second Day Of School


Over 400 students have been quarantined due to Covid-19 exposure. This comes after only the second day of school in the Palm Beach School District.
Palm Beach County Superintendent of Schools, Mike Burke, stated 440 students were possibly exposed to the virus.
A report was issued Friday Morning by the school district saying they have 134 confirmed Covid-19 cases. 108 are students and 26 are school employees.
Recently, masks were recommended, however, they weren’t mandatory for the schools within the district.
Since the report, the district has mandated masks unless parents chose to opt their child out.
Out of 167,000 district students, 6,394 students has chosen not to wear masks.
“Our goal was to get our students back in person…and our goal is to keep our kids in school, Burke told news reporters.



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