5 Texas Teens Arrested For Waving Guns Around While Recording Rap Video


5 teens were arrested in San Antonio for waving guns in the air outside of an apartment complex while allegedly recording a rap video.

San Antonio Police Officers arrived to the 100 block of Dresden Drive after receiving multiple reports of a disturbance involving guns. When they arrived, they saw a group of 13 teenagers standing around with guns.

The juveniles were ordered to drop their weapons and get on the ground. Most of them obliged, while a few of them away at first sight of the police.

9 individuals were detained and four firearms were confiscated. When questioned by police, the teens said they were attempting to make a rap video.

Through their investigation, officers were able to determine which of them were armed with the three handguns and the AR style pistol that were recovered. It was also discovered that several of the teens that were detained had active warrants out for their arrest.

In total, 6 were arrested, including three 19-year-olds, two 18-years-olds, and one 28-year-old.

The remaining 3 detained were released at the scene.



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