5 Year Old Fatally Shot, 8 Year Old Injured During Drive By In Houston


A 5-year-old has died, and an 8-year-old has been wounded after a shooting occurred in Houston, Texas. The incident happened as the vehicle they were riding in came under gunfire at an intersection, on Sunday morning.

Around 1 a.m., authorities received a call regarding a shooting in the 13300 block of Northborough Drive.

When authorities arrived at the scene, no witnesses were around. Detectives learned that a mother had been in the vehicle with her two children when someone started shooting while she was at a stop light.

The mother quickly transported her children to the hospital once she saw that they had been wounded.

The 5-year-old passed away, but the 8-year-old is expected to make a full recovery.

Authorities think that a dark-colored SUV, with two people inside, was traveling westbound on Rush Street. The victims’ vehicle was going northbound on Northborough when suspects started shooting.

“It’s unclear if the complaintants were the intended targets of the shooting or if there was something else going on in this area at the time. We do not know a motive. We do not have suspect descriptions other than potentially two Black males in a dark-colored vehicle. We are looking for surveillance footage out here and are gathering evidence,” said Houston’s police chief.


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