50 Shots Fired In Fatal Nightclub Attack


Early Sunday morning, at least one person died, and four others were hurt in a shooting outside of a nightclub in Houston.

“Over 50 shots were fired” in the parking lot of “some type of club/bar,” stated Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

Around 2 a.m., police responded to a shooting and discovered that 5 people had been shot. All of those people had been transported to a medical facility.

One person died, and police are still trying to figure out the severity of the injuries inflicted upon the others. There were two men and three women that were believed to be shot.

Officers aren’t for certain but say that it seems that the incident was a drive-by shooting.

“We believe that there may have been a vehicle that pulled up right around the 2 a.m. frame. There were multiple people inside the vehicle, exited the vehicle, and began opening fire upon the patrons that were outside of the club at the time,” Gonzalez added.

He added that an investigation is on-going.



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