55-Year-Old Woman Released Angry Bees Out On Officers Serving An Eviction


A woman has been arrested after releasing a hive of bees on police deputies that were issuing an eviction notice in Massachusetts.

On October 12, deputies were trying to serve eviction papers to Alton King Jr on Memery Lane in Longmeadow.

Rorie Susan Woods, 55, came into the driveway in a SUV that was towing a trailer. She then went to the back of the trailer and “started shaking beehives to let the bees out,” according to the Hampden County Sheriff’s office.

“Deputy Michael Joslyn attempted to stop Woods who successfully freed one of the hives by breaking the cover … causing hundreds of bees to swarm around. Deputy Joslyn was stung in the face and had to retreat.” according to the report.

Woods then put on a beekeepers suit before releasing more angry bees. After, she rolled three more large beehives towards the home’s entranceway.

Deputies and responding officers were stung, including three personnel who were allergic to bee stings, according to police.

When Woods learned of one of the officer’s bee allergies she replied with “good”.

Woods was arrested on multiple felony charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct.

She pleaded not guilty to all charges and was released without bail.

Investigators are not yet clear of woods relationship to Alton King Jr or the home.


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