$6.5 Million, In Fake Money From Russia, Is Confiscated


$6.5 million in fake money was found and seized by US Customs and Border Patrol officers in Philadelphia. It was listed as “Play Money for Monopoly” on the manifest.

The counterfeit money comprised of dollars and euros. It came from international air shipments from Russia and was headed to Chicago.

The fake funds that was found on Tuesday will be given to the Secret Service. It is said to resemble real money so closely that it is considered counterfeit bills although it was “labeled as prop money.”

Fake money is usually used to pay for criminal activity such as drug smuggling, financial fraud, and terrorism. At any point in time, around $220 million in fake money circulates in the US. Additionally, about three-quarters of people convicted of this crime are taken to prison.

By studying blurry sections on bills, the texture, and evenly spaced serial numbers, a person can tell if money is real.



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