6 Dallas Police Officers Put On Leave After Suspected Pyramid Scheme Involvement


Pyramid schemes are camouflaged as gifting programs and began to become increasingly popular at the start of the pandemic.

Now, 6 Dallas police officers are being investigated for taking part in a scheme in order to make a profit.

Sources stated that several officers in the South Central Patrol bureau gave thousands of dollars with a commitment of bigger payouts by recruiting more officers. This is considered an illegal pyramid operation.

“It’s kind of ironic that the Dallas Police Department has the swindle unit in which they educate people on these times of crimes and the risks..However, anybody can get involved in this,” said Bill Dendy, a Dallas lawyer and fraud expert.

It was said that the officers are now on administrative leave.

It was reported back in March that more than 40 officers participated in the gifting operation. But, only those who encouraged others to join have had their jobs comprised.


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