6-Month-Old Baby Discovered Almost Eaten Alive By Rats


Officials have stated that parents of a 6-month-old baby have been taken into custody. Thus is after authorities say that the baby was discovered almost eaten alive by rats.

Documents show that David and Angela Schonabaum and Delaina Thurman have been charged with neglect.

On September 13, authorities had gone to the residence after David Schonabaum is said to have contacted them, stating that his 6-month-old baby was discovered in a bassinet, bloodied.

The baby was transported to a local medical facility and then was flown to another hospital.

Authorities say that the baby had 50 rat bites located on the forehead, cheek, nose, thigh, foot, and toes. Some fingers were missing, resulting in bones being visible. The baby required a blood transfusion as the child’s temperature was 93.5 degrees.

Police say that their two other children were living in the home, as well.

Thurman, who is Angela Schonabaum’s sister, had two children resided in the home, too.

Reports indicate that the home was cluttered with trash and feces was seen throughout.

David Schonabaum is said to have told officers that an issue with rats began in March, and Terminix had been hired to handle the problem.

Records revealed that two children in the home disclosed to a teacher, on September 1, that they had been bitten on the toes by mice as they were sleeping.

Department of Child Services began to visit the home and put together a family safety plan. The last walk through of the home had been conducted on September 9.


  1. HOW exactly did DCS leave these children in a home like that? WTH is wrong with these ‘parents’ that rat’s feeding off of children was ok? This makes me sick! Put all 3 adults in rooms filled with rats!!!!

  2. You said social worker went to the house on September 9 and what the way that baby was bitten by those rats and they say they seen the bone his toes was missing damn, how long does it take to read to eat a chat? I know somebody noticed it baby they didn’t give a damn.

  3. Absolutely disgusting…child services should be held responsible for leaving the kids but the 3 adults need to be fed to the rats!

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